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In the beginning there was a word

Quite a few words to be exact. Since its inception in 2006, the social network has rated users 140 characters per post. And this is the idea behind a “tweet” - a kind of short bird flicker-like message.

The limit was increased in 2017. As an experiment, messages up to 280 characters in length became available to some users.

However, Elon Musk, who bought the social network in the fall of 2022, in December of the same year already allowed users to write four thousand characters in a message Users who have paid a subscription can now “tweet” up to 2.5 A4 pages in a single message.

Why the 280 character limit on Twitter?

Why does Twitter have a 280 character limit and how does it affect the online activities of users of this social media platform? In early July 2006, Twitter, originally a text-based SMS service called Twttr, is designed for groups of friends to follow each other through periodic status updates as SMS was text Only 160, the first tweet was only 140 characters, the remaining 20 characters were reserved for the username.

As Twitter grew in popularity and became a universal internet site, the company decided to retain the 140-character limit that has become an integral part of the global social network.

Ideal length of a tweet

It can be hard to find the sweet spot between self-disclosure and brevity, but according to TrackSocial, the average quality tweets of 71 to 100 characters have the most retweets

Twitter’s success as a platform is largely due to the 280-character word count that sets it apart from other social networks and allows it to spread information quickly in response to current events

For example, a 280-character long tweet is more quotable than a newspaper length and significantly reduces publishing time. Regardless of how you feel about the character limit, whether it’s too long or too short, it’s unlikely to go anywhere. There may be changes, they may be shorter or longer, but they will still support the microblogging aspect of social networking.